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Sports Massage

Sports  Massage – £30 per localised area in Hessle 

Specialists in Soft Tissue Management.

sports massage

sports massage

Generally people are of the view that Sports Massage is just for athletes. Well it does have its place there, but not completely. Anyone can benefit from the kind of massage that Sports Therapists are thoroughly trained for. It is true that Sports Massage was developed to help athletes and sports people prepare their muscles for performance and after their performance. Massage therefore can help in pre and post event situations. In essence Sports Massage emphasises the concept of prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

Sports Massage can help injuries, reduced range of movement, chronic pain, muscular tension, repetitive strain, sciatica and much much more. The therapist will generally concentrate on the specific problem as opposed to offering the full body massage that most Swedish or Aromatherapy practitioners do. Sports Massage stimulates the circulation of lymph fluids and blood, utilising trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, no hands techniques, electrical muscle stimulation, G5 massage when needed, heat or ice, and stretching. All of this will help to break down adhesions – knots in the muscles and also increase the range of movement in the limbs.

deep tissue sports massage hull brough north cave

When our muscular movement is impaired due to injury, bad posture, or a even something as simple as a bad nights sleep the fluids our muscles need to help function and repair cannot reach the areas they need to lubricate the fascia. This then becomes hard, and develops a scar like tissue, this traps lactic acid and other toxins preventing our bodies from healing naturally and functioning normally. This can cause pain and discomfort throughout the back and other body parts. A thorough massage can help and your therapist will use a combination of techniques to ensure you leave feeling revitalised, less stiff with an improved sense of good health.

At Alchemy Wellbeing we can offer pre event massage, post event massage, restorative sports massage and rehabilitative sports massage. You should give us a call if you have a specific problem, anything from a sore or tender knee, stiff neck, back pain, frozen shoulder, tight hamstrings, sciatica…. there’s so much that we could list here but it is easier if you just call us. Even book a session if you just want a deeper tissue massage than you would get at a spa or hairdressers salon.

If needed your therapist will also incorporate some PNF stretching, normally used to aid a wider range of movement, lengthen muscles which can all aid your every day sense of well being and more so help sports performance.

When you visit Sarah at Alchemy Wellbeing Centre for a sports therapy massage you are working with an award winning therapist who is also qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy focusing on encouraging athletes to tap into their own potential, increasing their sense of self belief to help in their performance thus increasing achievements and wins.

sports massage and pnf stretching sessions

Sports Massage Treatments

Contact Sarah on 0791 709 7419 for a session of Sports Massage at £30 per localised area, in this time you will receive a consultation, and then treatment of 40 minutes on an isolated or discussed area, not a full body sports massage.

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