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Myofascial Release Massage

What is a myofascial release massage?

myofascial release massage

myofascial release massage

The concept of myofascial release is quite a trend and is being used in many treatment centres to help people who are suffering from impaired mobility, postural issues and general aches and pain.  The fascia is a connective tissue or cling film like structure that surrounds our muscles, bones, nerves, arteries and veins as well as our internal organs.  It can be damaged and become tight and carry tension which leads to impaired movement and pain.

Fascia is a thin connective tissue like a matrix that weaves through the human body.  It helps us maintain shape.  Fascia is a casing that keeps our muscles in the arrangement that they are.  It wraps the muscles, so they have their own independent ability to move.

The idea of myofascial release in massage is an amalgam of techniques specially developed to stretch and smooth and free the fascia to allow more movement.

In recent years myofascial release has been demonstrated with the emphasis being on “no pain no gain”. Well if you have a full understanding of the body you will know why massage doesn’t have to be painful to be effective.  Massage can be very gentle and very effective at the same time.  Research has shown and I am sure insurance companies can corroborate the fact that people are being made worse or injured by over zealous therapists whose main aim is to demonstrate how much pressure they can apply.

Myofascial release doesn’t use oils.  Our aim isn’t to create slip or glide over the body but we want to be able to palpate with our fingers and to be able to feel deeply into the layers tissue of the client. 

Myofascial release requires an understanding of the body, its structure, how it is lubricated, how it stretches, how the fibres are formed and this is why the requirement for anatomy and physiology and a vast experience of massage work is necessary before a therapist can conduct this advanced treatment on a client.

This myofascial technique can be used as a stand alone treatment or incorporated within a massage where needed!

Talk to me about myofascial release and lets work together to target those stubborn areas that other therapists cant quite get rid of!

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myofascial release massage


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