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Which Treatment do you Need?

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“Let me help you decide which of our wonderful therapies and treatments here in Hessle you might like!” Sarah

As a professional centre of well being we pride ourselves on being able to offer a variety of treatments across the board.

Below is an overview of the treatments we offer and each treatment has its own dedicated page on the menu to the left with more information to help you decide. (or click on the links within the text)

If you are struggling to pick the right treatment for you just email me on or call me on 0791 709 7419.

Hessle Treatments

Massages & Reflexology 

With a massage to suit everyone.  Starting with Aromatherapy, this is a gentle to moderate massage using a specially made blend of oils to suit any problems that we can help with.

Swedish is very versatile massage treatment and can be adapted to suit your aches and pains.  Sports or Deep tissue is better suited to localised area like backs or legs so we can use our highly trained skills and techniques to help fix any postural related problems.

You may have read about Myofascial release massage and the enormous benefits that has.  I tend to put myofascial techniques into other massages that people book as and when it is needed.  However for clients who suffer from painful conditions such as fibromyalgia that cannot tolerate normal massage i will help release their tense and stubborn facial with a stand alone Myofascial release massage.  But talk to me about this if you are interested.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a more clinical or medical approach to massage.  Based on the Vodders technique is use my thumbs into the main lymph node areas to manually drain away a build up of toxins and fluid.  This is used for clients suffering from retained water, lymphoedema, clients during cancer treatments or post surgery or post lipo surgery.

Pick deep abdominal massage if you struggle with the regularity of going to the loo!  Its no laughing matter when you are constipated, or suffer from IBS.  It is debilitating and can effect other areas of your health.  So if you feel bloated, ibs, or struggle with a sluggish colon then give me a call.  This treatment was seen on TVs Supersize Super skinny and will leave you feeling more comfortable afterwards.

Hot Stone massage and Hot Himalayan Salt Stone are extremely beneficial to the body as well as being ultimately so relaxing.

Pregnancy massage speaks for itself, I am specifically trained in pregnancy massage along with maternity reflexology and fertility reflexology so looking after my clients from fertility support to support in pregnancy is very rewarding and should only be done by someone specially trained.

Reflexology is like a full body massage inside and out.  We can access all the internal workings of the body via reflex points on the feet.  Just lay back, relax and let us massage your feet in a wonderfully healing and therapeutic way then feel amazing after.

Before any treatment is given you will receive a full consultation and be provided with written aftercare advice .

Facials and Bacials 

Again you are spoilt for choice.  I am a Tropic Skincare Ambassador and Consultant for Neals Yard.  All our treatments are done on a well cushioned treatment bed which is nice and wide, it is warmed with a heated blanket to help with your overall relaxation.

You can book the Luxurious beauty facial if you want a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, mask, neck and shoulder massage, tone and moisturise with the most gorgeous choice of products.

Or you can add an additional 20 mins onto our facial by including the use of the LED mask.  The mask utilises the different colours on the light spectrum to penetrate the various layers of skin to deliver healing results, reduce redness, inflammation and kill bacteria.

The Crystal, Gua Sha and Roller is pure bliss and one I would happily receive daily.  A full luxurious facial with the use of 11 different specially chosen natural crystals.  Just google the Gua Sha stone and see the illuminating benefits of a very traditional method.

The Diamond Microdermabrasion uses a machine to exfoliate the face.  It is a thorough and pain free of removing dead skin layers and also helping to reduce fine lines and age spots.   The other electrical facials is the Galvanic and High Frequency.

The Galvanic helps in improving the absorption of ingredients and retention of moisture in the skin. Galvanic facial treatment is best for people with dry and dehydrated skin but it can also be beneficial for those with oily skin because of its effective removal of congestion.

The High Frequency electrical facial works with a high frequency electrode made of thin glass, an electrical current ignites the inert gas within the electrode to produce a healing light and purifying ozone gas with antibacterial properties to help combat acne and congested skin.

Dermaplaning facial is great for anyone who would like a very thorough exfoliation of the skin along with the removal of the fine velous hairs.  In all the facials you will receive a full consultation and a range of products used suited for your skin.

The ULTIMATE SPA FACIAL EXPERIENCE is for anyone serious about pampering themselves, their back and their skin! Not to be missed!

Finally the Bacial – one of my favourites and client favourites too.  It really is like a facial for your back!

Mind Therapies

Hypnotherapy is distinctive in that it attempts to address the clients subconscious mind. In practice, the Hypnotherapist often (but not exclusively) requires the client to be in a relaxed state, frequently enlists the power of the clients own imagination and may utilise a wide range of techniques from story telling, metaphor or symbolism(judged to be meaningful to the individual client) to the use of direct suggestions for beneficial change.

Analytical techniques may also be employed in an attempt to uncover problems deemed to lie in a client’s past (referred to as the “there and then”) or therapy may concentrate more on the client’s current life and presenting problems (referred to as the “here and now”).

It is generally considered helpful if the client is personally motivated to change (rather than relying solely on the therapist’s efforts) although a belief in the possibility of beneficial change may be a sufficient starting point.

Other Beauty Treatments

Patch tests at least 48 hours prior to any tinting, lash lift or brow lamination procedures will need to be done.

We use CND shellac in our manicures and pedicures.

Our beauty treatments combine well within our centre.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer a relaxing experience for all our customers.  It is not intimidating or stressful to visit our wellbeing centre for any of our treatments.



Other Holistic Treatments

I have been delivering Reiki for so many years and I still love it.  If you havent tried it you should really give it a go.  So relaxing.  Peaceful.  Beneficial.  Maybe you have aches and pains and you dont feel comfortable having a massage then try Reiki.  It is a marvellous healing modality.    If you love love love your treatment and you want to become a Reiki therapist yourself i am accredited also as a training school ( to teach people via the Reiki Attunement process.  Read up on the Reiki 1st, 2nd and Master Teacher Degrees.


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