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Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Massage  – £45 per session in Hessle

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Therapeutic Swedish Massage/ Holistic Massage

Massage is the art of healing through touch. It restores balance to the mind, body and spirit. Swedish Body Massage also known as Holistic Massage, dates back from the early 19th century. It is the original massage technique that uses oils, involving a sequence of movements working superficially and deeper into the tissue layers. It is one of the easiest ways of attaining and maintaining good health and something we do naturally. It is a healing instinct, innate in us all, to rub an aching shoulder or stubbed toe.


Swedish Body Massage is an uplifting and energising massage that stimulates circulation and generates an immediate sense of well-being. A light and relaxing treatment, Swedish Body massage is designed to ease away the aches and stresses of everyday life. Wonderful for relaxation, a full body massage includes work on the neck, shoulders, arms, upper chest, abdomen (optional), back and legs.

A treatment involves light rhythmic strokes, long relaxing strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, and shaking motions, applying structured pressure, tension, motion, or vibrations to the soft tissues of the body, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and lymphatic system in order leave the body totally relaxed and rested. This Body massage will help you become more aware of when you are tensing certain muscles unnecessarily and learn the skill of relaxation


Swedish Massage involves a massage of the back, backs of the legs, front of the legs and feet, arms and hands, abdomen (optional) shoulders, neck, face and head. You should pick Swedish Massage if you would like a relaxing but thorough massage, where you get off the therapists couch knowing you have had a massage. Perfect for people with stress, tension, stiff neck, and basically all your typical daily aches and pains – lower back, between the shoulder blades.

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Dont put up with the daily strains any longer…. book a Swedish massage today and make sure you tell your therapist about your struggles with posture and everyday movements and any aches and pains you have. When you come to visit me I will start with a thorough consultation, then show you where to undress and how to place yourself on the couch and cover yourself with towels. The room will be warm, the oil will be warm, and the lights will be dim with soft music. You just need to relax.

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