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LED Facial

LED Facial

The use of colour in healing is not new. It has a long history, and colour therapy, as it is now called, represents the rediscovery of some of the principles and practices known since the earliest times.

Those who have never been deprived of colour tend to take it for granted and generally don’t realise its importance to health and well being.

Our ancestors, nevertheless, recognized it as a basic need and the ancient cultures reflect this awareness.  For the ancients, the colours that make up sunlight were each considered to show a different aspect of the divine, and to influence different qualities of life.

Colour is therefore an important feature in the symbolism of ancient cultures throughout the world, and the origins of colour in Western civilization can be traced back to the mythology of Ancient Egypt and Greece.  Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used coloured minerals, stones, crystals, salves and dyes as remedies, and sanctuaries painted in various shades in treatment.

Interest in the physical nature of colour developed in Ancient Greece alongside the concept of the elements – air, fire, water and earth.

Newton stated that light is made up of waves. Each wave has a different wavelength (from start to end of each wave) and each wave has a different frequency (number of oscillations per second).  Red has the smallest angle of refraction, shorter frequency and longer wavelength and violet has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency.

In his work Newton found seven colours in the spectrum.  However over the years this has been debated since Goethe found there to be six.

In colour therapy there are 8 main colours used including turquoise and magenta, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.  Each colour within the electromagnetic spectrum vibrates at a different rate to another.  Light is made up of small pockets of energy called quanta, energy resonates on different levels and therefore colour is an energy vibration.


What can a LED facial can help with?:

Prevention is better than cure!

Reducing fine lines and wrinkles to restore skins elasticity and have a more youthful look!

Increases blood circulation

Improves Lymphatic Drainage

Tones and Tightens

Aids cell detoxification and improves cell hydration and ability to absorb

Calms melanocytes to improve pigmentation

Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production

Eliminates Vascular Skin such as spider veins and rosacea

Repairs signs of ageing – improves colour and reduces hyperpigmentation and dark sports

It can help with the treatment of skin conditions

Boosts anti oxidants in the skin protecting against free radicals

LED facial

LED facial mask

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