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Crystal, Gua Sha and Roller Facial

What is a Crystal, Gua Sha and Roller Facial?

Crystal Facial, Gua Sha Hessle, Crystal Roller Hull

Crystal Gua Sha and Rollers


GuaSha and Roller Facial with Crystal Placements

Wow, what a treat we have for you.

This is one for the true holistic crystal loving client who enjoys working with crystals or being around them.

Now we can put them into your facial treatments in so many ways.

The addition of the crystals, gua sha stone and rollers makes my facials so beneficial both by the use of  my specialist products but by inducing the holistic aspect of healing and relaxation via the crystals.

What could be better that using the beautiful power of natural crystals during a facial?  This treatment utilizes a handful of specially chosen crystals that will recharge you, boost your health and also benefit your skin.


Orange Calcite

Rose Quartz

Clear Quarts







Crystal Gua Sha Stone, This is an ancient Chinese practice to take a small smooth flat tool to scrape along the face to relieve muscle tension, pain and help reduce puffiness.  It also helps to relieve and promote blockages and lymphatic drainage.  It also gives skin a radiant glow.  Gua = Shape, Heart shapes helps the stone get into more intricate areas.

Crystal Rollers – Jade or Rose Quartz

crystal facial

Crystal Gua Sha and Roller Facial in Hessle











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