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Bacial – New Facial for your Back

What is a Bacial?


A Bacial is an amazing new and thorough skin treatment specially designed and formulated for your back.  Why would anyone bother some might ask? Well if you suffer from breakouts or acne on your back then why not visit a professional and thoroughly trained therapist to have these issues dealt with.  We see soo many adverts all promoting facial skin care but what about other parts of our body.  Our backs are exposed when we go swimming, to the beach, spa days, wear our summer wardrobe etc.  Plus , who needs an excuse to have some “me time”.  Life is stressful enough as it is without having to justify to someone why you are looking after your skin!!!!


Back facials use a lot of the same products and techniques used in skin treatments for the face.

Bacials are for both men and women targeting specific skin types such as dry skin, or congested skin.

What you will receive in a Bacial and try not to read this like an M&S advert!

You will receive the deep warmth of heated towels placed on your back.  Followed by a gentle massage with foaming cleanser removed with heated mitts.

Your therapist will then apply an exfoliating body scrub using firm movements to remove the dead layers of skin cells.  Surplus scrub is removed with heated towels.

You will then have your back steamed using the steamer and / or warm heated towels.

If you do have congested areas then your therapist will include the extraction process.

Followed by a luxurious massage of the back tailored to your unique requirements.

Then toner to second cleanse the skin and remove the oil from the massage.

Lay there is complete silence while a soothing deep cleaning mask is applied, or opt for the relaxing sleep inducing scalp massage.

Once the mask is removed a light moisturiser will be put onto your back.

You really cant say no can you!!!!


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If you are a therapist who would like to deliver this treatment to your own clients please visit Inspire Therapy Training